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Love and Three Small Letters

Posted on 3rd of February 2021

Rosanna has been living with HIV for 25 years. In this story, she shares how a rare illness called PML, contracted by her husband who was living with HIV but not taking antiviral treatment, changed her life. Rosanna was motivated…

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A Trip Through Time

Posted on 8th of December 2020

PWV member, Jane Palomountain, shares her story. I’ll focus on five topics in telling my story: U=U; dating and relationships; responses to me as a person living with HIV; motherhood; and ageing. Some have more significance for me than others….

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Ageing in 2020 – An Unexpected Year

Posted on 12th of November 2020

HIV activist Susan Paxton, PhD, reflects on the year. Back in 1999, I was looking death in the face. I didn’t think I would see my son finish primary school, let alone be around for over 20 more years. I…

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