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Peer Support

At Positive Women Victoria (PWV), we believe women, femmes, cis women, and trans women have the right to achieve their goals and live vibrant and happy lives.

Peer support is part of our strategy to provide counsel, knowledge and care to help women living with HIV meet their social, emotional and practical goals.

Women are matched with a peer who has faced similar challenges, who will provide assistance during her HIV journey. Confidential individual, group, face-to-face and remote peer support is available to all PWV members.

Phoenix for Women

We run workshops throughout the year with community partner, Living Positive Victoria, for newly diagnosed for women.

If you’ve been recently diagnosed with HIV, or have been living with the virus for some time and want to engage with other woman living with HIV, this workshop is for you.

Phoenix Workshops are peer-led by other women and covers treatments, disclosure, dating and relationships, HIV prevention for partners, sexual health, living well with HIV and much more. You’ll walk away more knowledgeable about HIV and equip with more tools to manage your diagnosis.

Contact Peer Support

You can email Peer Support on or call 03 9863 8747 during office hours (Monday to Friday 9am-5pm).

Services Directory

All women are unique and each one of us experiences HIV differently. We try to keep this in mind when providing advice on services you may need to support you during your HIV journey.

Learn More about financial, health, legal and relationship services.


“I want other young positive women to know that they are not alone. Yes, HIV is life-changing and it does not discriminate. But it is also manageable, and, most importantly, avoidable.”

– Julie