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Rose Fund

The Rose Fund is available for members of Positive Women Victoria who are interested in completing training or education that will enhance their opportunities to achieve employment, improve their health and wellbeing or achieve their goals.

The fund provides a limited number of small scholarships. Since its establishment, the fund has supported members to learn a foreign language, undertake a professional writing course, learn to drive or has paid tuition fees for courses of study.

Members can apply to Positive Women Victoria for funding. Funding is available for the following kinds of activities or proposals:

  • Activities to improve health and wellbeing such as physical activity
  • Capacity building such as training/education or return to work, skill building etc.
  • Personal development courses
  • Assistance in developing skills or accessing training; and
  • Funding for group activities organised by members.

The primary purpose of the Rose Fund is for personal development. It cannot be used for activities such as supporting a business, payment of utilities or housing, legal fees or debt or for items such as home gym equipment, electronics etc.

If an application is received for an activity that could be funded through another source, staff will assist you where possible to access the funds through another grant.

Read the guidelines for Rose Fund Applications: Rose Fund Guidelines Current

Frequently Asked Questions: Rose Fund FAQs

For more information on the criteria and for applications contact Positive Women.

Or Learn More about becoming a member of PWV.