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The role of a PWV Board Member Explained

Present board members, Chair Stephanie Raper and Treasurer Rachel Meisner along with two past PWV Chairs Bev Greet (PWV co-founder) and Heather Ellis helped de-mystify what’s involved in being a PWV board member at this recent webinar hosted by PWV…

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Emotional Support & Counselling Options Webinar

Hosted by PWV with guest speaker Alexandra Storey, a counsellor from Thorne Harbour Health. In this webinar, Alex explain counselling options for your emotional support. You will also learn how to access free or low-cost counselling services. Attendees questions are…

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Menopause and Women Living with HIV

Menopause and Women Living with HIV webinar, hosted online by Positive Women Victoria, features expert panellist  Dr Nneka Nwokolo, an honorary HIV and sexual health consultant from the UK who has specialised knowledge of menopause and women living with HIV….

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Financial Wellbeing with Lynda Horn

WATCH THE RECORDING Learn how to access financial support services and grants, manage debts and nurture your financial wellbeing in this  webinar hosted by Positive Women Victoria. Guest speaker Lynda Horn, a Financial Counsellor with Thorne Harbour Health outlines what…

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Your Gut Health and HIV

This webinar (held on 14/9/2021) explains why diet matters for people living with HIV. Featuring an expert panel, Infectious diseases specialist Professor Sharon Lewin and clinical holistic nutritionist Skye Wiles, you will learn why gut health and diet are so…

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U=U is Your Story Too – For Women

A ground-breaking forum and Australian-first, U=U is Your Story Too is a panel discussion focused on the Undetectable = Untransmittable message as it relates specifically to women. The U=U message is a global  campaign to end HIV stigma and promote…

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Women HIV Cure Research

Register for the  VICTORIAN HIV CURE DATABASE and for latest HIV cure science visit   HIV CURE Or click on the QR code to register for the Victorian HIV Cure Database Held on Wednesday, 22 March 2023, Positive Women Victoria was…

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Liver Health and HIV

Your Liver Health & HIV webinar hosted by Positive Women Victoria focused on Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) Special guests/panellists are: Dr  David Iser, gastroenterologist and hepatologist from Melbourne, Emily Parsons, a woman living with HIV who has been diagnosed…

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