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Thriving With HIV: Metabolic Update – Watch the webinar recording

Recorded on 26/3/2024

Topics covered include weight gain, cholesterol, high-blood pressure, cardiovascular risk, menopause and diabetes

Thriving with HIV : Update on Metabolic Health is a presentation by Dr Ana Milinkovic from the UK, and provides an update on components of metabolic health including weight gain, lipids, hypertension, CVD and diabetes.

Dr Milinkovic shares latest findings on what can be done about weight gain in people with HIV and what do the guidelines and new data tell us? Ageing well with HIV is also discussed.

Dr Milinkovic highlights her experience with the Live Well Pathway/Metabolic Clinic at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London where her focus is on patient-centred care particularly the importance of patient reported outcomes (PRO’s) such as PozQoL.

Dr Ana Milinkovic, is an Honorary HIV Physician, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London and Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer in Infectious Diseases, Imperial College London and is currently a Senior Global Medical Director at ViiV Healthcare.