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What We Do

Peer Support

At Positive Women Victoria, we believe women have the right to achieve their goals and live vibrant and happy lives. Peer support is part of our strategy to provide counsel, knowledge and care to help women living with HIV meet their social, emotional and practical goals.

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Health Promotion

Positive Women Victoria offers a wide range of health promotion services including events and skill-building workshops. We work to empower our members to live healthy, happy and vibrant lives. PWV can also refer you to the appropriate local and state agencies for support in the following areas: housing, legal, counselling, financial, food resources, home care and many other services.

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Positive Women advocates with, and on behalf of, women living with HIV. Some of the big issues we address are gender equity, discrimination, stigma and women’s access to healthcare. We advocate for the rights of individual women and the rights of all women living with HIV to lead full and healthy lives free of discrimination and stigma.


Rose Fund

The Rose Fund is available for women living with HIV who are interested in completing training or education that will enhance their opportunities to achieve employment, improve their health and wellbeing or achieve their goals. 

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Privacy & Confidentiality  Policy

Positive Women Victoria commits to meeting all legal and ethical obligations as regards the protection of member and client personal information, sensitive information and health information, and the business information of the organisation, and to maintaining the highest standards around confidentiality and privacy in all interactions.

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