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Your Gut Health and HIV webinar – WATCH THE RECORDING


A webinar to inspire and learn why diet matters for people living with HIV

Featuring an expert panel, Infectious diseases specialist Professor Sharon Lewin and clinical holistic nutritionist Skye Wiles, you will learn why gut health and diet are so important for people living with HIV, especially as we age. Hosted by Positive Women Victoria.

HIV infection causes loss of gut mucosal T immune cells and disrupts the gut epithelial barrier lining. The gut is also an early site of HIV replication. This is because your gut makes up 60% of your immune system and it is these immune cells that are attacked by HIV. While antiretrovirals suppress HIV, they do not restore the functionality of the lymphoid follicles damaged by HIV in the early stage of transmission before treatment.

There is a growing body of research by scientists globally that shows low level inflammation (which is present even when taking ARVs and with an undetectable viral load) contributes to this damage to the gut. Emerging research also shows the effects of Vitamin D on gut health with people living with HIV.

Diet plays a huge role in controlling severity of symptoms and maintaining good gut health as we age.