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Decriminalising Sex Work: It’s time!

Posted on 10th of September 2020

It was great news to learn late last year that Victoria is embarking on a review process to consider the decriminalisation of sex work. This is a very important review, and it’s a real concern that the current legal structures governing sex work in Victoria contribute to the ongoing stigmatisation and marginalisation of sex workers,…

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HIV and HPV-related cancers: DARE to talk about it

Posted on 28th of August 2020

It’s not always easy to talk about intimate health care, but sometimes, even though things are a bit awkward, it can protect you and may even save your life. Positive Women Victoria is part of a group led by Positive Life NSW to promote awareness among people living with HIV of the increased risk positive…

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Working As Your Advocate: Breastfeeding Choices

Posted on 14th of August 2020

Everyone has been pretty busy adjusting to new arrangements and needs stemming from COVID-19, but Positive Women Victoria (PWV) continues to keep HIV in the forefront of our work, and has been continuing to contribute actively to some important advocacy work and initiatives. For so many women living with HIV, the joy of motherhood may…

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