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Decriminalising Sex Work: It’s time!

Posted on 10th of September 2020

It was great news to learn late last year that Victoria is embarking on a review process to consider the decriminalisation of sex work. This is a very important review, and it’s a real concern that the current legal structures…

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HIV and HPV-related cancers: DARE to talk about it

Posted on 28th of August 2020

It’s not always easy to talk about intimate health care, but sometimes, even though things are a bit awkward, it can protect you and may even save your life. Positive Women Victoria is part of a group led by Positive…

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Working As Your Advocate: Breastfeeding Choices

Posted on 14th of August 2020

Everyone has been pretty busy adjusting to new arrangements and needs stemming from COVID-19, but Positive Women Victoria (PWV) continues to keep HIV in the forefront of our work, and has been continuing to contribute actively to some important advocacy…

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