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Women in the Early Response to HIV – online event


Tuesday 11 May, 2021 from  6.30p.m. – 8.00p.m. (AEST) – online forum

Women played a vital role in the early response to the HIV and AIDS epidemic in Australia. From frontline workers to community leaders, join Thorne Harbour Health as we hear first-hand from some of the community legends that helped support our communities during the darkest days of the epidemic.

Panelists include:

  • Maureen O’Brien – inaugural community nurse at the Gay Men’s Community Health Centre
  • Sue Stone – former Manager of the Personal Services Program at the Counselling Service at the Gay Men’s Health Centre
  • Bev Greet – co-founder of Positive Women Victoria
  • Assoc Prof Edwina Wright – infectious diseases physician specialising in HIV medicine and HIV clinical research
  • Liz Crock – Clinical Nurse Consultant HIV at Bolton Clarke (formerly Royal District Nursing Service)

Moderated by  Cal Hawk from Joy FM’s Well, Well, Well

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