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Women and HIV Cure Research webinar – Wed, 22 March 7pm to 8pm AEDT


Hosted by Positive Women Victoria with special guest Dr Jillian Lau 

Positive Women Victoria is honoured to host the Women and HIV Cure Research webinar (via Zoom) on Wednesday, 22 March from 7pm to 8pm.

Special guest for the webinar is Dr Jillian Lau who will explain the science behind the latest in HIV cure research happening in Australia, which is one of the world’s leading HIV cure research hubs.

Dr Jillian Lau is a clinical researcher at The Alfred Hospital and The Doherty Institute and her research focuses on studying strategies to cure HIV, and improving meaningful engagement of people with HIV in cure-focussed clinical trials.

Girls and women make up more than half of the nearly 38 million people living with HIV globally. However, men make up the majority of people involved in HIV research including HIV cure research. With so many recent advances in the search for a HIV cure, it is now more important than ever for women to be involved.

Dr Jillian Lau will talk about the different types of HIV cure research; why do we need a cure for HIV; the importance of diversity, including women, in research; and what is happening in Victoria. She will also answer all your questions about being involved in a HIV cure research project and what this mean in practical terms.

To learn more about HIV Cure Research in Australia visit  HIV Cure
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