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Watch: U=U is Your Story Too (Webinar for Women)


A groundbreaking forum and Australian-first, U=U is Your Story Too is a panel discussion focused on the Undetectable = Untransmittable message as it relates specifically to women.

Over 20 years of scientific evidence confirms that when antiretroviral treatment is used, and levels of HIV can’t be detected in blood, HIV can’t be transmitted during condomless sex. A panel of women living with HIV are joined by Associate Professor Edwina Wright who specialises in HIV medicine and HIV clinical research.

The panel shares stories of how the knowledge that U=U has transformed their lives, discussing sex, relationships and motherhood, as well as the health and social impacts of HIV among First Nations people.

Host Sarah Feagan is a leading advocate for women living with HIV, and for ending HIV stigma. Keynote speaker Jessica Whitbread, from Canada, is an international HIV advocate for the U=U message. Panellist Michelle Tobin is an Aboriginal woman of the Yorta Yorta Nation and the Aboriginal Health Program Officer with Positive Life NSW. And panellist Jackie Roberts is a passionate advocate for ending HIV stigma, a single mother and a former board director with Positive Women Victoria.

U=U is Your Story Too was broadcast on Thursday 26 November, 2020 as part of Women and HIV: Tell the Story, a program of activities to challenge HIV-related stigma, funded with an unrestricted grant from Gilead Sciences.

We encourage you to watch, listen, and share this powerful message.