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The Role Of A PWV Board Member Explained


Present board members, Chair Stephanie Raper and Treasurer Rachel Meisner along with two past PWV Chairs Bev Greet (PWV co-founder) and Heather Ellis helped de-mystify what’s involved in being a PWV board member at this recent webinar hosted by PWV executive officer Kirsty Machon.

With PWVs Annual General Meeting on 14 November, there is still time to think about joining the PWV Board. All PWV members are welcome to nominate. A PWV Board nomination pack has been emailed or posted to you.

The Board plays an important part in making sure PWV is providing the best and most relevant leadership, support and programs, and that everything we do is informed by the lived experience of positive women. Being on the Board is a way to share your personal knowledge, and gain valuable experience that can be of benefit in your life and career.

If you would like to nominate or have any questions, please contact Kirsty Machon. Kirsty can also put you in touch with PWV Chair Stephanie Raper.
Email:  or phone: (03) 98638747.