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Reaching Your Potential: A Confidence and Skills Building Course for Women Living with HIV who want to contribute to the HIV response


Positive Women Victoria is excited to have received support from ViiV Healthcare’s Positive Action Community Grants to run a unique program of events to support women who live with HIV to reach their potential.

Women living with HIV support each other in many valuable ways, from personal friendship and support networks, through to volunteering, sharing stories, or even being on committees and the board that runs PWV. If you’ve ever wanted to find out what role you can play, Reaching Your Potential could be for you.

The program of three workshops will open in 2022 for a total of 10 women living with HIV. You’ll learn communication skills and tips, have fun learning to be in front of a camera or be part of an interview. You’ll also spend time with some amazing women living with HIV who have used their voice and experiences to really make a change, whether by volunteering in peer support, by sharing information about experiences that can help make life better for other women, or even by helping set up an organisation like PWV.

The skills you will learn can help you reach your potential, whatever that might mean for you. Build confidence, make friends, and learn the ways you can help make a difference, whatever that means for you, and in a safe and private setting with other inspiring women.

We’ll be taking Expressions of Interest for the program in a few weeks. We’ll also be looking for women to support the program by being on a steering committee or helping with some program admin. Stay tuned for information and offers.

If you would like to know more about this program, please email us at:


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