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Community Partner

PWV’s workflow and operations during COVID-19


A message from Kirsty Machon, PWV’s EO, to community partners.

Dear Sector Partners,

All of our staff are now working remotely and we have suspended our regular face-to-face events — such as our group lunches and Women’s Health Days — and we will re-schedule our social calendar as soon as we are able.

This of course is very disappointing, but highly necessary, as other organisations are also following this most recent strategy to support the hugely important project of minimising the spread of COVID-19 in the community.

Along with Living Positive Victoria and Thorne Harbour Health, we have communicated to all our members the important news that people living with HIV who have no additional health concerns and well-controlled HIV through treatment are not considered at additional risk of a poor health outcome from COVID-19.

However, each of our organisations does have members potentially in more vulnerable circumstances — those who may be older, or have additional health issues like cardiovascular or respiratory concerns. For many, this period is stressful and they are already choosing (or being advised) to take additional precautions.

What we’re doing during this time:

  • Positive Women’s peer support staff and health promotions and communications staff are continuing to work with our members, and we are offering support via phone, online (e.g. Zoom or FaceTime), by email, or through text messages.
  • We are also ensuring we check in through phone calls on a number of members receiving ongoing support and can continue this weekly or on any schedule preferred by that member.
  • We are continuing with our policy and advocacy work, all member communications through our website and electronic direct mail to members, and via Facebook.
  • We are continuing to engage with the sector via online meetings and participating in all advisory groups and advocacy works.
  • Planning is underway for a set of activities that we are rolling out to reduce the burden and impact of stigma for women, including website activities and a media guide.

We’re of course staying well-informed of all the developments in relation to COVID-19, which will help inform our rescheduled events and our return to office. Until that time, we’ll continue working remotely, but don’t hesitate to call me if you would like any additional information, and I wish you and your own staff and members all the best at this time.

Warm regards,
Kirsty Machon (on behalf of the Board and staff of Positive Women Victoria)