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Poem ‘Wildflowers’ (edited version) depicts lived experiences of women living with HIV


For 2023, for the International Women’s Day (8/3), and the National Day of Women Living With HIV (9/3), Positive Women Victoria and ViiV Healthcare share an edited version of a performance poem as a collaboration project and speaks to the importance of visibility and inclusion for women living with HIV.

“We have blossomed in the harshest of terrain. Warded off plague and blame, and found a place to place our roots. We are fragrant, vibrant, and brimming with life.”

The ViiV Healthcare team is proud to have supported Positive Women Victoria in developing Wildflowers – a powerful poem that depicts the lived experiences of women living with HIV.

The project saw Positive Women Victoria partner with Melbourne-based poet, Fleassy Malay, to develop the piece following a series of workshops where women living with HIV reflected on their experiences.

This edited video has been shared to raise awareness across social media for International Women’s Day  on 8 March and for the National Day of Women Living With HIV on 9 March. Positive Women Victoria may provide the original unedited video upon request for educational purposes.

Watch Wildflowers (edited version)