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National Day of Women Living With HIV – 9 March 2022


Share your words on ‘Living Well’ – Wednesday, 9 March 2022 

Join us to celebrate the 7th National Day of Women Living with HIV on 9th March. The theme this year is ‘Living Well’.

If you are a woman living with HIV, NAPWHA’s National Network of Women Living With HIV want to hear from you. They want to hear what living well means to you. What are your hopes for yourself and for other women? And what work still needs to be done?

Please complete this short survey so your words and the words from other women like you can be shared in a social media campaign to raise the profile of our unique perspectives and stories across the country. Of course, you can be anonymous if you like.

A national social media campaign will be launched on NAPWHA’s social media channels and on the Positive Living website on the 9th March. To learn more, watch the Video Message from the National Network of Women Living With HIV.

Complete the Survey
Please complete by Friday, 25th February.