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Community Partner

Melbourne 2020 International AIDS Candlelight Memorial


The Melbourne 2020 International AIDS Candlelight Memorial will be live streamed to the safety and comfort of your homes — Sunday 17 May, 5-6pm.

The last two months have given Australians time to pause, rest and reflect on family, community, care, home and love. For many people in the family and community of people living with or affected by HIV, which has been with us for almost 40 years, it has been an especially poignant time, bringing up memories, but reminding us of the values that endure in difficult times and defy physical distance.

It seems fitting that this year, Australians can join the annual International Candlelight Memorial in an online celebration to honour those we have lost to, and all people who live with, HIV.

Join the wonderful MC, Nic Holas a pioneer of online community and founder of the Institute of Many, positive activists and speakers Sarah Feagan and Julien Fournier, and keynote speaker Dr Jen Power, whose research has been crucial to mapping the changing the journey of HIV in Australia.

To join the celebration on YouTube or through the Living Positive Victoria Facebook page, register here.

This event is proudly presented by Living Positive Victoria and Positive Women Victoria. Supported by Thorne Harbour Health.