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HIV Stigma Campaign by Queensland Positive People


Hear the stories of people living with HIV

This unique and colourful self-educating HIV stigma campaign was launched by Queensland Positive People (QPP) to coincide with the IAS2023 HIV Science conference in Brisbane in July.

With real people living with HIV featured  (including four PWV members Chrissie, Susan, Terrilee and PWV vice-chair Steph Lee), the aim was that if the audience got to know a person for more than just their HIV status, they would realise people living with HIV still lead a full and vibrant life.

“The campaign isn’t about HIV, it’s about people living with HIV. HIV is only one part of their story, possibly the least interesting part, and it certainly doesn’t define them. It’s just part of their life, and it’s a life they deserve to live without stigma and discrimination.”

With generous media support, the campaign was screened across Brisbane and South East Queensland, on billboards, digital displays, social media, TV and radio. And there are plans to have this unique and eye-catching public HIV stigma campaign rolled out nationally soon.    Watch the QPP HIV Stigma campaign