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HIV Cure Research in 2024 webinar 

Special guest Dr Jillian Lau explains the latest science behind HIV cure research happening in Australia and internationally and what we can expect in 2024.

Dr Jillian Lau is a clinical researcher at The Alfred Hospital and The Doherty Institute in Melbourne. Her research focuses on studying strategies to cure HIV, and improving meaningful engagement of people with HIV in cure-focussed clinical trials.

Latest HIV cure research explained ‘in simple terms’ includes:

Viral shock and kill therapy using the cancer drug Venetoclax

CRISPR gene editing

Long-term injectable ARVs combined with bNAbs as a functional cure

Immunotherapy to boost immune response to kill HIV

Dr Lau also gives an update on HIV cure research trials in Melbourne, one of the world’s leading HIV cure research hubs. She also outlines what’s involved as a trial participant and explains how to be part of a trial as well as why it is so important to have more women living with HIV on HIV cure trials.

To find out more about HIV Cure research in Melbourne and globally visit:

To register for the Victorian Volunteer HIV Cure Database to enrol in clinical HIV cure trials or be part of HIV cure surveys.

An article and podcast episode based on this webinar will be published in HIV Australia digital magazine in February 2024.