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‘Challenge HIV Stigma’ on the National Day of Women Living with HIV. – 9 March 2023


Women share their stories on how they challenged HIV stigma

The National Day of Women Living with HIV occurs annually on 9 March, (the day after International Women’s Day). It is an opportunity to celebrate the lives of women living with HIV. This year, NAPWHA’s National Network of Women Living with HIV chose the theme ‘Challenge HIV Stigma’.

In the ongoing battle to end HIV stigma, Australia’s National Network of WLHIV is showcasing to all Australians how women living with HIV challenge HIV-related stigma.

The aim of the campaign is to empower women living with HIV who have experienced stigma by giving them a platform to share their stories, and educate people about what HIV stigma looks like.

Here is what some women living with HIV have to say about how they ‘Challenge HIV stigma’ in their day-to-day life.

View their stories