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COVID-19 vaccination information and support post-COVID lockdown


Like all Victorians, we are very pleased that restrictions are slowly being eased as life begins to open up again. Here at PWV, we are busy finalising our plans and taking the steps we need to begin to offer some in-person contact: we know how eager people are to connect after what has been a long year. We will keep you updated on our plans.

Vaccination centres and GP medical clinics continue to provide COVID vaccinations and we encourage you to consider vaccination. Talk to your GP or you can find details about  vaccination centres here

COVID-19 Vaccinations – All Your Questions Answered & Support for your Utility Bills

These links provide videos where experts explain the latest research on COVID-19 vaccinations and links to support  available from the Victorian Government.

If English is not your first Language, there are a number of language translations on COVID vaccine information.    Find language translations

COVID vaccination for people with underlying medical conditions
A webinar from the Victorian Government
WATCH the recording

Children over 12 and COVID vaccinations
Experts explain and answer questions from the community in the first of The Alfred’s series of community information sessions on COVID-19 vaccines.
WATCH the recording

Fertility and COVID vaccinations
Experts explain how the COVID vaccine works around fertility issues in the second of The Alfred’s series of community information sessions on COVID-19 vaccines.
WATCH the recording

COVID, the vaccines and the benefits and risks for women living with HIV
An interactive learning session from women living with HIV from ICW North America. Although some of the details on COVID vaccines in this webinar may be specific to the US, there’s a lot of good information and questions answered.
WATCH the recording

How to set up and use Victoria’s COVID Vaccination Certificate
This link from the Victorian Government explains the process.
COVID Vaccination Certificate

Get a $250 payment for your energy bill
The Victorian Government is providing a one-off $250 payment to eligible households to help with energy costs from spending more time at home due to COVID lockdown.
You can apply for the $250 payment if you receive one of the following payments: Centrelink Pensioner Concession; JobSeeker; Youth Allowance; Austudy or Abstudy; Department of Veterans Affairs Pensioner Concession
To apply phone 9607 7103 (9.30am – 4.30pm, Mon – Fri) or visit:  Energyinfohub