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A functional HIV cure, wider use of statins plus breastfeeding moving closer to U=U


By Heather Ellis, communications and events coordinator

Exciting new HIV science announced at the IAS2023 conference in Brisbane in July.

Just as protease inhibitors were the groundbreaking science presented at AIDS1996, a ‘functional cure’ for HIV in the form of long-acting injectable antiretroviral therapy (ART) paired with broadly neutralizing antibodies (bNAbs) may be long remembered as the big news from July’s IAS HIV Science Conference in Brisbane.

Statins as prevention for cardiovascular disease; and breastfeeding moving closer to U=U were other exciting announcements.

IAS2023 was attended by over 5000 delegates. The conference brought together the world’s leading scientists, researchers, clinicians, community advocates, government policy makers and pharmaceutical companies in the HIV response. 

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A functional cure and the wider use of statins