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News + Events

Positive Women Victoria Board Webinar


Tuesday, 12 September – 6:30pm – 7:30pm Online
The role of a PWV board member explained. Your questions answered 

Venue: online via Zoom

In this PWV Board webinar you will hear from past and present board members and have all your questions answered on what’s involved in being a Positive Women Victoria board member.

With our Annual General Meeting on 14 November, this is the time to think about joining the PWV Board. All PWV members are welcome to nominate for the Board.

The Board plays an important part in making sure PWV is providing the best and most relevant leadership, support and programs, and that everything we do is informed by the experiences of positive women. Being on the Board is a way to share your personal knowledge, and gain valuable experience that can be of benefit in your life and career.

This webinar is the perfect opportunity to ask questions and find out if being on the PWV board is for you. The webinar will be recorded, but all attendees and questions remain unseen. Only the panellists are identified in the webinar. The recording will be available on Positive Women Victoria website. You can also contact Kirsty, EO of Positive Women Victoria  to learn more:  or phone: (03) 98638747.